comprīsˈable adjective
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Main Entry:comprise

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  • comprisable — See comprise. * * * …   Universalium

  • comprise — comprisable, adj. comprisal, n. /keuhm pruyz /, v.t., comprised, comprising. 1. to include or contain: The Soviet Union comprised several socialist republics. 2. to consist of; be composed of: The advisory board comprises six members. 3. to form… …   Universalium

  • comprise — /kəmˈpraɪz / (say kuhm pruyz) verb (t) (comprised, comprising) 1. to comprehend; include; contain: an analysis comprising all the data to hand. 2. to consist of; be composed of: *Mr Namaliu said the security forces, which comprise troops, police… …  

  • comprise — [kəm prīz′] vt. comprised, comprising [ME comprisen < OFr compris, pp. of comprendre < L comprehendere,COMPREHEND] 1. to include; contain 2. to consist of; be composed of [a nation comprising thirteen states] 3. to make up; form; constitute …   English World dictionary

  • comprise — 1 include; comprehend. 2 consist of, be composed of (the book comprises 350 pages). 3 disp. make up, compose (the essays comprise his total work). Derivatives: comprisable adj. Etymology: ME f. F, fem. past part. of comprendre comprehend …   Useful english dictionary

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